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Children with handicaps

This project was completed in 2020

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Noord oost van Xingtai City, grenzend aan Shijiazhuang

Completion of the China program

For many years with your help, we supported the program for children with disabilities in China. In May 2020, we completed support for this project. From now on we will concentrate on projects in those countries where we mediate for adoption. Thanks to our network on site, we can monitor properly and efficiently how the projects are tackled. In China, we are finalizing adoption procedures. This means that monitoring will cost a relatively large amount of money in the future. Money that we would rather spend directly on our goals.

Learning skills

Our partner Liming Family Rehabilitation Center has a school for 60 children aged 6-14 with physical and mental disabilities, who are not admitted to public schools. They learn skills to become more self-reliant. The children come from poor families. Because of this school, the children can continue to live at home, and therefore remain better socially integrated. Parents are involved in the training of the children. For example, there is a training for the parents every week, for example about doing physical exercises with their child and communicating. There is also a social worker in the rehabilitation center who visits the families at home twice a year. For example, during home visits, they look at whether there is a good place to play and to go outside, what other problems are involved, such as overburdening the parents due to care or work or poverty. And what would help these parents. They then look for support, for example someone who can take care of the child from time to time, so that parents have a little more rest.


The evaluations with our partner organization show that their approach and care for the now 60 children with a disability has a lot of effect. The children are becoming more independent, learn to read, write, calculate, English, but also cook, clean, and wash and dress themselves. Their parents learn how to stimulate their child's independence and help develop their motor skills. Education for all children, including those with special needs, is increasingly on the agenda of the Chinese government. In practice, good education for children with special needs is still insufficiently available.

Unfortunately, the school has been closed since January 2020 due to the corona virus. The support continued at home, by means of video calling with the emergency services. In the meantime, during the quarantine, the emergency services have followed all kinds of online courses to use the time well. They hope to apply this new knowledge soon when the school is allowed to open its doors again.

For many years, the work in China was made possible in part by the generous contributions of the stichting kinderwelzijn China We are happy that they continue to support this project!