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New Delhi

Kinship care

In the India's capital Delhi 100 vulnerable children receive a monthly allowance for care and education.  Besides, families of 150 children receive support and guidance regarding the upbringing of their children. Five children are able to finish their professional education with this financial support. Without support, all these children run a great risk to end up in one of the many children’s homes in Delhi. More than 60 years of research has shown that growing up in a children’s home has a negative effect on the health, development and future chances of a child. Children develop much better while living in a family.


Partner organisation Church of North India - Shishu Sangopan Griha (CNI-SSG) also invests in the lobby with the local government and social agencies to gain long-term financial support for these children and also to enhance the principle of kinship care. This is relatively new in India.


In 2019, 40 children and their families received extensive guidance, including financial assistance, with the support of WK. In addition, the families of 100 children received guidance and support in their upbringing. The good news is that none of the children have ended up on the street or in a shelter and all children go to school. All families have arranged the necessary legal documents and opened a bank account. Child marriage has also been prevented through timely intervention. Instead of resignation in the difficult situation, the families now have hope for a better future and are taking all kinds of initiatives (around work, income, nutrition, for example

Megha, Neeru and their father are a family in India that make their own choices. The father decided, after his wife had died, to take care of his daughters himself. He starts every morning with breakfast and a good conversation with his girls. Megha, who believes that dreams are an important part of life, is determined to become a Hindi teacher. Her younger sister Neeru, who used to hate wearing glasses, has now become a girl with a lot of self-esteem. Our partner CNI SSG supports them with financial means. ‘We discuss everything’, the sisters say.