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Community support vulnerable children

This project was completed in 2019

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5 communities in Bondo and Lugari Sub-Countries, West Kenia

In Kenya about 1.1 million children under eighteen have lost one or both parents due to hiv/aids. For this reason it is important that communities and community groups are enabled to offer these children and their relatives (single parents, grandparents, child-headed households) a social support network: reception of ophans within the community, protection and financial and psychological support. This is both a good solution for vulnerable families as it is an efficient and lasting solution for this widespread problem at a community level.

The project focuses on 5 poor communities with many vulnerable children and, apart from hiv/aids relatd problems, other difficult circumstances like alcohol abuse and child labour, high numbers of school drop-outs and  teenage pregnancies.

Children’s rights


In 2018, 1.500 children have been supported. These children followed workshops about children’s rights, teenage pregnancy, the risks of drugs, caring for family members who are ill and how to deal with group pressure. They got sports lessons and participated in a sports day. Meanwhile, the adults in the communities got support and training, too. In total 240 men and women learned about children’s rights and well-being, and in how to run their social enterprises. The Malaika group runs a taxi-service, the group in Jirani Mwema rents out party tents and furniture for events and the Living Testimony group offers catering services. The income gained by their social enterprise was spend on the most vulnerable children in the communities. They were provided with school uniforms, support in school costs or school lunches.


WVP has expertise in supporting communities for many years and works together with the local government.