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Grandmothers take care of their grandchildren

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South Africa, Kwazulu Natal

Tailored support

In South Africa grandmothers take care of their grandchildren who have become orphans. Our partner Hillcrest AIDS Centre in Kwazulu Natal supports these grandmothers. Therefore, 3,200 vulnerable children are able to remain living with their family and it is prevented that they end up on the street or in residential care centres.

Our partner offers support, care and information to people and families who are faced with HIV/AIDS.

Keeping families together


Grandmothers and grandfathers are supported so they can carry on the nurturing of their grandchildren (who have become orphans). This support matches the needs of the particular family: there is guidance regarding the upbringing of the children, or support for increasing their income, and programs for the caretakers to stay healthy and in a good condition themselves. Lastly, the families are encouraged to support each other.

Wereldkinderen previously worked together with Hillcrest Aids Centre. The mission of this program - keep families together - matches with the vision of Wereldkinderen. Professionalism and good references have led to a cooperation for two years for now.


In 2019, a total of 800 grandmas, who take care of their grandchildren, participated in one or more of HACT's programs. More than 3,200 grandchildren have benefited from this. Better communication, more support in case of difficulties and a fitter and healthier grandmother. The grandmothers (and some grandpas) also learned more about healthy parenting, children's rights and the world of their grandchildren. Like Grandma Bongi. She attended a series of dialogue meetings with other grandmothers and their grandchildren in which they discussed everything together, in order to understand each other better. From grief and grief, to HIV / AIDS, peer pressure, violence and drugs. This grandmother found out through the now good conversations with one of her grandchildren that she was bullied at school and was a victim of violence. She has conducted interviews at school and reported to the police. Her grandchild is doing well at school again.

“We have established a grandmother’s support group and this group currently has eighteen members. We manage a bakery and a pizza place. We keep chickens for the eggs, we sow and we have a garden for fresh vegetables. We play sports to stay healthy. We are grandmothers, but age does not matter. We gain strength from working together!”

One of the Grannies