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Grandmothers take care of their grandchildren

€ 34.000 up to and including 2022

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South Africa, Kwazulu Natal

Tailored support

In some situation grandmothers take care of their grandchildren who become orphans. Our partner Hillcrest AIDS Centre in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, supports these grandmothers. With Wereldkinderen's support 3,200 vulnerable children are able to remain living with their family, preventing them to end up on the street or in institutional care centres.

Our partner offers support, care and information to people and families who faced the devastating consequences of HIV/AIDS.

Keeping families together


Wereldkinderen supports grandmothers and grandfathers so they can take care of their grandchildren (who have become orphans). Wereldkinderen's project partner develops tailor-made support programmes based on the needs of families: this support often consists in providing parental skills to grandparents, guiding them to increase their income and advises on health. The programme also encourage families to support each other.

Wereldkinderen has worked for many years with Hillcrest Aids Centre. The mission of this program - keep families together - matches with the vision of Wereldkinderen. 


In 2021, Wereldkinderen was able to help 2,438 children, 557 grandparents and 10 community health workers with:

  • the development and maintenance of community gardens to prevent hunger and malnutrition and improve access to healthy and nutritious food
  • parenting skills training for grandmothers and grandfathers to better interact with their grandchildren
  • training for grandmothers and grandfathers and their (grand)children about hiv/aids prevention, treatment and learning to cope with it
  • training on remote support options such as online chat groups, automated text messaging, and app-based support in response to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19.

“We have established a grandmother’s support group and this group currently has eighteen members. We manage a bakery and a pizza place. We keep chickens for the eggs, we sow and we have a garden for fresh vegetables. We play sports to stay healthy. We are grandmothers, but age does not matter. We gain strength from working together!”

One of the Grannies