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Basic principles


  • The interest of the child is our basic assumption regarding all considerations of the mediation process. Accepting a proposal does not necessarily mean a positive close of a mediation. If the interest of the child is threatened because certain situations change, then the procedure can be stopped. This decision is taken by the adoption team and enforced by the director.
  • Adoptive parents cannot state a preference for the sex or race of the child.
  • Wereldkinderen will not be a mediator when prior to the procedure no clarity can be given regarding the legal status of a child after placement.
  • When during a prior mediation a breach of trust has arisen, then mediation is not a matter-of-course for Wereldkinderen.
  • The stated personal boundaries of the prospective adoptive parents, written in the adoption application will be respected.

Family structure

  • Wereldkinderen basically places children that are younger than the youngest child in a family. We furthermore aim at an age difference between the youngest child and the adopted child of about two years.
  • It is possible to make an exception when there is a biological bond of the, to be placed child and the children already living in the family.
  • When Wereldkinderen is asked for a mediation regarding the arrival of a biological brother or sister of a child/children already living in a family, then this family will be approached the first.
  • Wereldkinderen basically does not mediate when on the moment of placement of an adopted child, already one or more foster children live with the family.

Availability of the parents

  • Wereldkinderen does not mediate for applicants of which one of the parents has an active military career, with regard to which it is a reasonable option that this parent will be send to a war zone/risk zone.
  • Wereldkinderen does not mediate for applicants who, because they work in inland shipping, will be forced to send their adopted child to a boarding school for children of parents who work in inland shipping.
  • Wereldkinderen basically does not mediate when one of the applicants stays abroad for a long period of time.


Same sex couples

  • Wereldkinderen treats every application equally. In case of equal suitability of same sex couples, the possibilities of the couple in the country of origin are leading.
  • Wereldkinderen does not mediate for single applicants who are married.

Nationality of adoptive parents

  • If the adoptive parents do not have Dutch nationality, then before the mediation can be granted, the legal position of the child has to be known. It has to be known in accordance with which national law the child will be adopted. If it is not possible to pronounce a legally valid adoption, then Wereldkinderen will not be a mediator.


  • All applicants that have a medical history will be assessed individually. If necessary, the opinion of a physician will be asked.
  • Wereldkinderen basically does not mediate for applicants of which one of them has had a life-threatening illness in the past five years.