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Every child a home


Every child deserves a home. Wereldkinderen wants to support this. Wereldkinderen mediates at intercountry adoption when it is not possible for a child to grow up with its biological family or in a foster family in its country of origin.


How does adoption work?

If you want to adopt a child, the first thing you do is turn to Stichting Adoptievoorzieningen. At their website you will find a video and this video explains which steps need to be taken.


Choice for Wereldkinderen

If you have been granted principle consent, then you can turn to Wereldkinderen for the adoption. We make use of the following basic principles


The costs for an adoption vary per country.

In the overview you can see which costs are applicable.

The costs are exclusive of travel expenses and subsistence and costs for documents and legalizations.



Wereldkinderen cooperates with the organisation called De Ontwikkelboom. This is a practice for parents and children to support families in making that first contact with their adopted child when they go and get their adopted child from the country of origin.



Many volunteers work for Wereldkinderen. They, amongst other things, organise meetings for parents who are on a waiting list. Contact us for more information. 

Adoption procedure

The steps to be taken

Step 1

Application: permission to adopt (principle consent). This needs to be done via Adoptievoorzieningen

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Step 2

After having been granted principle consent, you choose a licensee

Step 3

Registration at Wereldkinderen and placement on the general waiting list

Step 4

Intake and sending documents to the country of origin

Step 5

Matching and proposal of a child

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Step 6

Aftercare and follow-up reports

Wereldkinderen also contributes to this via adoption and projects abroad.

Established in 1971

We provide a professional finalizing of the entire adoption procedure. We only ask a small effort of you regarding preparing the necessary documents. We provide ‘the tour of The Hague’

Frequently asked questions adoption

I would like to adopt a child. What should I do now?

The starting point for adopting a child is the Stichting Adoptievoorzieningen. Choosing Wereldkinderen as your licensee, or choosing another licensee, is a step you take at a later stage.

Is it possible to adopt a child when you are single or when you are a homosexual couple?

The conditions are determined by the country of origin, from which you would like to adopt a child. This varies per country. You can read all about these conditions on the pages regarding the countries of origin.

What are the costs for an adoption?

The costs vary per country. You can read about it in the overview.

What happens if an adoption does not run in accordance with the Hague Adoption Convention?

Wereldkinderen only cooperates with countries that have ratified the Hague Adoption Convention. This means these countries have appointed a Central Authority that is responsible for the adoption. When we suspect that an adoption is not in accordance with the Hague Adoption Convention, then we report this to the Central Authority. The CA in the Netherlands then contacts the CA in the country concerned. If Wereldkinderen has a partner organisation in this country, then we contact this particular partner organisation in order to share our surmises about this. We will then discuss this further and we report this at our CA. If necessary, Wereldkinderen will stop the procedures, either for the time being or indefinite.