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Community care for vulnerable children

€ 38.000 up to and including 2021

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Hammanskraal, a township outside Pretoria


We also support vulnerable children in the townships in the Pretoria area. Our partner organization SA Cares employs family supporters who live in the community and are well aware of the issues at play. The most vulnerable families receive help. For the parents - often only the mother - there is support with their upbringing, with problems with alcohol, drugs, HIV / AIDS and abuse.

This project is supported by stichting de bloeiende toekomst

Small scale business and vegetable gardens

They will initially receive (9 months) food parcels, as well as parenting advice and guidance in applying for medical care and assistance from the municipality. To date, assistance has been arranged for 54 children. In addition, more sustainable economic solutions are being sought for the family, such as setting up vegetable gardens or small businesses.

110 children supported in 2019

In 2019, 38 families, with 110 children growing up in deep poverty, received support. The majority of children are between 3-10 years old. Three fathers started training to work leather. Twelve mothers follow training to make pots. We see many positive effects of the program: children perform better at school, because they receive better nutrition and support from their parents. All toddlers now attend pre-school instead of staying at home. None of the children was lost or ended up on the street, despite the difficult circumstances in which they live. Their self-confidence also grows: the children feel that they are important and are seen by the social workers and by their parent (s) / caregiver (s).