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Keeping families met with hiv/aids together

€ 34.000 up to and including 2023

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Bangkok, Mukdahan and Phang Nga

Hard-hit families

In Thailand, there is a great stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS, with all its socio-economic consequences. In this project, our partner Siam-Care works with approximately 200 vulnerable children and their families. The children have themselves been infected by HIV and/or have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS.

Many children come from a migrant family and their families are often not entitled to health insurance, education, etc. Finding a job is difficult because they have to submit a health certificate (including a blood test).

These people have also been hit hard by Covid-19. Due to the loss of income, people are literally without money and food. Parents/caretakers are forced to bring their children to an orphanage.


Goal: Keep families together!

Siam Care wants to keep families together to prevent a child from being separated from his/her family which is hugely traumatic for these children.

Thailand - Siam Care

3. Going to school

By giving children the chance to get an education you give them hope and the chance for a better future. Then the cycle of poverty can be broken, also for future generations. Siam Care supports approximately 200 children with school materials such as teaching materials, school fees and school uniforms, but also with guidance towards further education and/or work.
Watch above the moving story of 22-year old Nit from Thailand.

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Help so that Siam-Care can support 200 children/families with:

1. Access to basic services.

Many children cannot attend school and/or stay in care. They have little or no access to basic facilities such as food, clean water, soap, clothing etc. Siam Care ensures that the children have access to these facilities and thus children can continue to live at home.

2. Family Counseling

Siam Care is doing everything it can to ensure that children can continue to live with their parents/caregivers. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of family members in one house has doubled. That quickly puts you at 8 to 10 family members per household. Siam-Care offers training and home support. Families also receive parenting support.

"The reason I am still alive is because I received and learned so much from Siam-Care, more even than in school. Siam-Care taught me how to survive in the real world"

Nit, 22 jaar, Thailand