Keeping families met with hiv/aids together

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Bangkok, Mukdahan and Phang Nga

In Thailand HIV/AIDS there is a huge stigma connected to HIV/AIDS and this has several social-economic consequences.

Our partner Siam-Care works with about 240 vulnerable children and their families. Some children are infected themselves, others have lost their parents because of HIV/AIDS. Siam Care supports people regarding the use of medication, creates awareness about HIV/AIDS and gives sex education. Wereldkinderen finances all costs for the information, education, home calls and nutrition support.


The income from other sources gives 200 children from the project the ability to go to school, at least up to the third form of secondary school. After that, the children are given a certificate to help them find a job and thus support his or her family financially.

The past year, 21 families could leave the programme: they gained a higher income and have learned enough skills to take care of their ill family-members. All orphans from the project still live with their family and not in a relief centre.

Teenage mothers take care themselves

Another good result is that all teenage mothers that Siam Care supports, now take care of their children themselves. They do not need to bring them to a relative. Please read the following story of Som, an orphan and infected with HIV, but who is now a mother of a healthy son, thanks to Siam Care.

Wereldkinderen supports this project for 3 years.

Air has HIV and works at Siam-Care