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Effectual foster care system

€ 45.000 until 2023

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Manila, The Philippines

Selection and training of foster families 

Children who (temporarily) cannot live at home unfortunately often end up in large-scale residential care centers in Manila. Growing up in a family setting is generally better for the development of children. This is also more efficient regarding the costs.
Our Philippino partner organisation Kaisahang Buhay Foundation (KBF) provides foster care as alternative care for children in need. Currently they support 37 foster families and will annually train 16 new families.


A home for 100 children

Because of Wereldkinderen’s support, around 100 children in need of care will find a family-based home, instead of institutional care,  until they can return to their family or find a long term alternative care. Wereldkinderen helps these children, by supporting the social workers that select, guide and educate the foster families.


In 2021, KBF was able to help children, parents and caregivers, families and social/community workers by:

  • Finding a safe home to 24 vulnerable children who were temporary placed in foster care families
  • Train foster parents and obtain official (government issued) approvals for new crisis foster care families for 16 parents and caregivers. These parents cared for the 24 children.
  • Providing information about the program to 151 potential new foster families.
  • Promoting the importance of prioritizing the placement of children in foster care families over institutional care among social workers and government workers.