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Effectual foster care system

€ 45.000 up to and including 2021

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Manila, The Philippines

Selection and training for foster families 

Children who (temporarily) cannot live at home unfortunately often end up in large-scale residential care centers in Manila. Growing up in a family situation is basically always better for the development of children. This is also more efficient regarding the costs.

Our Philippine partner organisation Stichting Kaisahang Buhay provides foster care. Currently they support 37 foster families and the coming years they will annually train 16 new families. In total this concerns 48 families.


A home for 100 children

Because of this project, around 100 children will find a home for a longer or shorter period of time, until they can return to their family or another form of alternative care. Wereldkinderen supports these children, amongst other things, by a contribution to the wages for the social workers that select, guide and educate the foster families.