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Burkina Faso

Adoption from Burkina Faso

Do you consider adopting a child from Burkina Faso? You can read more about this on this page. The interest of the child is always the most important factor, you can read more about this at our basic principles.

Burkina Faso is an experimental contact of ours. Two children were adopted from Burkina Faso in 2017.



In Burkina Faso orphans, abandoned children and children given up for adoption are proposed for adoption.


Children are often given up for adoption, because they were born from incest, or because the child was born out of wedlock or because the mother of the child has a psychiatric problem. These children are not accepted in society in Burkina Faso.


The children who are abandoned have often a similar personal background. In case of an abandoned child, the social services search for the mother/biological family of the child. If no one is found, then the child is said to be suitable for adoption.

Most children that live in the orphanages ended up here, because their mother died after giving birth to them. In most cases, the children can return to their biological family after one or two years. If this is not possible, then the child is said to be suitable for adoption.

The Central Authority of Burkina Faso likes to receive files of applicants, who are open for the adoption of an older child (with a maximum age of 6 years old) and who are open for the adoption of a child with various medical states, such as a child with hepatitis, or a child with a lag in development or a child that was born premature.


All applications are assessed by Wereldkinderen. Wereldkinderen prioritizes the specific needs and rights of children.

In order to be able to adopt a child from Burkina Faso, you have to meet the following conditions:

  • You possess a valid principle consent
  • You are married (a man and a woman) and married for at least 5 years
  • One adopted child or one biological child can be part of your family already
  • If you already have a child living with you, then you can only start the adoption procedure when the youngest child is at least 5.5 years old. You can register at Wereldkinderen at an earlier date though, for you will then be placed on the waiting-list.
  • One of you is older than 30 years old
  • You have a lot of travelling experience outside Europe
  • You give permission for and are open for the adoption of a child that is born premature, or a child with a low weight at birth, or a child with a lag in development, or a child that is undernourished. Applications with other backgrounds (for example HIV positive and epilepsy) are preferred.
  • It is preferred that you apply for a child aged between 2 – 6 years old
  • You can speak French reasonably well


Wereldkinderen cooperates with the Central Authority in Burkina Faso, le Minstre de l’action sociale et de la solidarite nationele. They are responsible for the procedures and the matching.


The adoption procedure for Burkina Faso is currently an experimental one. This means that there are many insecure factors such as the duration of the waiting-list and the course of the procedure. Only two adoptions have yet taken place, so it is difficult to state an average waiting period. The waiting period for these two particular adoption took more than two years.

After the proposal it may take eight up to twelve months before you can go to Burkina Faso. You will have to stay there for about two – four weeks. When you get back home, you will receive information on the follow-up obligations. You do not need to follow a procedure in accordance with Dutch law. You can immediately register your child at your municipality.