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Preventing children to drop out from school

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Enhance the bond with the parents


The project Casa Escuela focuses on 160 children (5-12 years old) of vulnerable families in a number of poor neighborhoods of Bogota where few public services are present. These areas have poor housing facilities and there is often violence and drug abuse. The children in these areas often don’t go to school because they work (often at night) and they run a serious risk of ending op on the streets permanently.

Partner organisation Fundacion Creciendo Unidos (FCU) has developed a programme of tutor lessons for these children (apart from the regular education that these children take), but also offers creative development and a meal in school.

Besides their families get psychological support and they are involved as much as possible with working with the children.

In 2018 no children dropped out of school and the bond between the parents and the children has been enhanced.

New child culture

FCU works with a team of professionals, inclusive of a psychologist, an educationalist, a social worker, a dance teacher and two teachers.

Apart from that, (local) government agencies for child and youth policy cooperate with FCU to respect and apply children’s rights better. These activities fit in a more general vision, with regard to which FCU offers children and young people the ability to demand their rights and to work on a new child culture. This regards, for example, participating actively on a dialogue about children’s rights in so-called child assemblies.

The project of FCU will be funded at least until 2020. 

“I’ve come here since I was five years old. When I come here, we eat and then I make my homework. In general I get good grades in school. The psychologist asks me how I am doing, how I am treated at home, what I like doing. I made friends here. We play football together and I learned to not fight others, for it is just a game. I feel happy here and I learn a lot.”