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China: Reconnecting with Mother’s Choice and Mother’s Love


Reconnecting with Mother’s Choice and Mother’s Love

In 1995, in response to the widespread baby abandonment, Kit Ying Chan founded “Guangxi-Hong Kong Mother’s Love Orphanage”, the first joint venture between Hong Kong and China, where she pioneered a professional model for residential child care services, introducing foster care and specialized care for children with special needs. Over the years Mother’s Love has placed more than 1,500 vulnerable children from China in families all over the world including the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. In 2011, Mother's Love achieved her mission and closed its doors. Now, we aim to reconnect with all adoptees of Mother’s Love to be able to share updates and provide support in the future. Adoptees from Mother’s Love can easily participate by filling in the form via this link:

We’re also proud to share with you that Kit Ying Chan, founder of Mother’s Love, has published her memoir about the story of Mother’s Love, “Hidden Treasures”. She shares about her remarkable journey of over two decades of work with abandoned babies in China. Kit Ying sends a message of love and hope to the “dear children of Mother’s Love”. Read more:

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